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he was able to secure two consecutive 1,000-yard seasons and a roster spot in the 2013 Pro Bowl.

The Raiders can be that team. Prior to a whole bunch of injuries that derailed Oakland’s 2016 season, the team was a Super Bowl contender and boasted one of the most intimidating and powerful offensive lines. If Peterson has anything left in the gas tank, the Raiders’ inexperienced running back corps could use the addition.

Likelihood of signing: Medium. Peterson reportedly likes the idea of playing for the Raiders, but he’s really not calling the shots at this point. It will depend on if the Raiders believe there’s tread left on the tires and if the price is right, although Oakland should have no problem picking up any amount.

Even still, he was able to secure two consecutive 1,000-yard seasons and a roster spot in the 2013 Pro Bowl.

Speaking of Fitzpatrick, that era is over in New York, and now that it’s behind us, we can look back and affirm that he was never really a franchise quarterback. But the Jets’ struggles to secure a quality quarterback go way back at least to 2009, when they selected Mark Sanchez with the fifth overall pick in the draft.

Since the Jets moved on from Sanchez, they’ve had their own little quarterback carousel. From Geno Smith to Michael Vick, and then on to Ryan Fitzpatrick, then back to Smith, and then to Bryce Petty, there’s no consistency at the position, and it’s something New York will try to remedy this offseason.

Last franchise quarterback: You know who it wasn’t? Brett Favre, who landed with the Jets for just one season after his initial retirement from the Green Bay Packers back in 2008. Rotator cuff injuries kept Chad Pennington from ever being better than lackluster. Since the Joe Namath days, Vinny Testaverde has been the best quarterback in New York, and he last played for the Jets in 2005.7

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