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Marcus Maye is a reach in deep S class, but gamble could pay off for Jets

Despite All-American bonafides, a senior slump helped make Maye a forgotten man in a secondary that included players like Quincy Wilson and Teez Tabor. While his coverage skills improved, he had less of an impact in the nine games he played last fall; his tackle rate dropped from 6.4 per contest to 5.6. He failed to create any fumbles in 2016 after forcing six the previous two seasons.

… and Ohio State linebacker Raekwon McMillan, who’ll undoubtedly be the NFL’s first player to be named after a Wu-Tang member and whose name has been a reminder since 2012 that WE ARE ALL OLD. Even better, Urban Meyer’s nickname for McMillan as a recruit was “Bubble,” based on his muscular backside. Raekwon the Bubble!

Onward to the full list of starters, not all of whom will be drafted (meaning this list will need some revisions once the seventh round ends), but all of whom have very good names:

That’s Cunningham, thought to be a bit too lanky for the SEC’s power schools, catching Isaiah McKenzie — a potential draft pick with a full head of steam — from behind and pulling him backward to seal an upset over Georgia.

Cunningham had 41 tackles for loss as a high school senior. He Sports Cheap Jerseys had 33 in his last two years as Vandy’s best defensive weapon. He is so much fun to watch. He combines elegant athleticism with a nasty streak. He was James Franklin’s parting gift to Derek Mason in Nashville, and he dragged an NFL Jerseys Outlet offense-free Vandy to a bowl in 2016.

Maybe he’s too small to be a true star in the NFL, but he’s a freak with an IQ higher than yours. I’ll take those guys any time.

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