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Tunsil struggled at times but still put together a solid rookie campaign in 2016.

Tunsil struggled at times but still put together a solid rookie campaign in 2016. He’s got a lot of work to do to catch up to three of the draft’s biggest pot-smoking Premier League Cheap Jerseys bargains. Randy Moss, Warren Sapp, and — at least according to urban legend — Dan Marino — all rebounded from collegiate issues that tanked their prospect stock to stage Hall of Fame careers on the gridiron.

And in honor of April 20, aka 4/20, here’s a look back at some of the legends who became draft day bargains thanks to a little weed.

Character issues cost Randy Moss throughout the early stages of his career. Misdemeanor battery charges in high school kept him from attending Notre Dame. He wound up at Florida State, but a positive drug test for marijuana violated his probation and limited his choice of colleges even further. He wound up at Marshall University, a I-AA program just an hour from his hometown in West Virginia.

“My greatest strength is, no surprise, my versatility,” he said. “Everybody knows pretty much what I can do for a team in the defensive backfield. I can play corner, safety, nickel, and I can excel at all those positions.

“So they’ve been telling me that that’s really a great thing, that teams can use me anywhere. If they have an injury, I’m the first guy they’re gonna look at to see if they can experiment with, and they know I’ll probably do good.”

Hockey media, unsurprisingly, has almost without exception come down on the “attempt to injure” side of the fence – none more so than Pittsburgh Penguins reporter Rob Rossi, who has penned an article so extraordinarily vicious and biased in response, unfairly slamming the Capitals, that you can almost see the spit flying from his metaphorical mouth as he yells his vitriol into the faces of readers.

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