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he gave them an immediate diet of steady inside stuffing.

My close friend and longtime NFL assistant coach Mike Heimerdinger passed away from cancer in 2011. His family holds an annual charity golf tournament in Nashville in his honor.

Dinger, as he was known, was a longtime Titans offensive coordinator. He also had been Cutler’s quarterback coach in Denver in 2007, so Cutler was invited to play as a celebrity in the tournament a few years ago.

Are the Browns delusional enough to think Kizer, Cody Kessler, Kevin Hogan or — (gasp) — Brock Osweiler can get them over the massive hump they’ve been trying to climb since the 1980s, when Bernie Kosar at least got them to the AFC title game? Or are they planning to finish at the bottom of the league again and get a shot at the top quarterbacks in next year’s strong class?

Maybe Cleveland thinks it can get Garoppolo in 2018 free agency for a cheaper price compared to what New England can command. But would Garoppolo want to go to the perennial cellar dweller Browns?

Once the Browns made the trade with the Texans, Cleveland should have offered New England a package that included its second-rounder this year, Houston’s first-round pick in 2018 and one of the Browns’ three 2018 second-round picks. That offer likely would have sealed the deal for Bill Belichick to part with Garoppolo. If necessary, the Browns could have thrown in Kessler, Hogan or Osweiler.

Once the Bengals got Atkins from Georgia, he gave them Cheap Football Jerseys an immediate diet of steady inside stuffing. He also turned out to be an excellent interior pass-rusher as a Warren Sapp light in their scheme.

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