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Williams said Lynn made an impact with his old-school approach at OTAs.

For now, nothing has changed. Williams is embracing all of those changes that will come once training camp starts. He’s still working on finding a place to live in Los Angeles.

“It’s a bigger market and there will be more eyes on you, but you’re still playing football so it won’t be anything too crazy,” Williams said. “I’m looking forward. A different market, and we’ll be in front of some of our fans who couldn’t make it down to San Diego.”

Williams said Lynn made an impact with his old-school approach at OTAs. Lynn also was an undrafted free agent who played six seasons in the NFL with San Francisco and Denver. Lynn won two Super Bowls as a player in that role, and Williams felt that presence in their first conversation.

“A real firm handshake is the first thing I noticed when I introduced myself,” Williams said. “It resonates with me because of the undrafted thing. He had a chip on his shoulder, blue collar, played special teams. He’s going to do everything he can to make the team successful.”

The first, of course, is not showing up for something you don’t have to show up for. The second is not showing up looking like you’re ready to dominate on Sundays in the fall — never mind that it’s just a Tuesday in the spring.

This is the whole “there is no NFL offseason” taken to its extreme. You have to be ready to play even when the game is three-and-a-half months away, and you don’t even have pads on.

Why? Not because it makes a difference in what you do Cheap Jerseys In Bulk when the games count. Apparently, it’s crazy to think that players actually need time to heal, to get a break from the pounding, to get ready and in mental and physical condition in their own way when they have a chance. Hey, it’s Cheap Jerseys MLB China not as if their bodies don’t betray them later in life because they never, ever let up.

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