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Warriors’ Kevin Durant had a very eventful night in win over Jazz

What made it so potent is the Grizzlies coach eased into the rant. You couldn’t tell he was fired up until he was all the way turned up.

Westbrook’s refusal to allow Steven Adams to answer a reporter’s question
The question wasn’t posed to Westbrook. But that didn’t stop him from shutting it down.

Westbrook took umbrage with a reporter asking teammate Adams about the team’s inability to produce points with Westbrook on the bench following a Game 4 loss to the Rockets. It exposed the obvious, but it was what most would expect during a run-of-the-mill postgame news conference. Westbrook Cheap MLB Jerseys Free Shipping could’ve taken a step back and let Adams feed the media some cliche answer about how it’s everyone’s job to hold the fort down while the MVP candidate takes a breather.

But when has Westbrook ever exhibited chill when there’s an option to go in? Of course, he let the dude have it.

Complaining about carrying in the NBA is like bemoaning the sunrise after staying out clubbing until 4 a.m. You can do it, but it’s not going stop it from happening. It’s also extremely passive-aggressive and disingenuous to shower someone with compliments before taking a shot at them. Down south, we call that being nice nasty.

Nonetheless, that’s the route Hoiberg took after Thomas put 33 points Cheap NBA Jerseys From USA and seven assists on Chicago in Game 3, the first of four straight Celtics wins to close out the series. He had a hell of a game (Sunday), but when you’re allowed to discontinue your dribble on every single possession, he is impossible to guard, Hoiberg said .

Kevin Durant rode a roller coaster of emotions on Saturday night.

Clearly not concerned with Utah’s nightlife, the Warriors forward put together a few noteworthy clips en route to a victory over the Jazz.

He cursed out a mascot!

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