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Jazz mock Warriors with ‘nightlife’ t-shirts

Barnes is the Ice T of the NBA. Internationally known, nationally recognized and locally accepted as a real one’s real one, it’s simply not in Barnes’ genetic makeup to write checks with his mouth his hands can’t cash. It’s what’s allowed the second-round pick to carve out a 13-year career as one of the fiercest competitors in the game. It’s deeper than basketball for Barnes, and that can sometimes (see: the Derek Fisher and New York club situations) get him into trouble off the court. However, you need a guy whom your opposition knows is willing to take it wherever. The Warriors knew adding someone like Barnes, even if he’s a bit of hothead, to their fold would behoove them down the stretch.

Between the lines, Z-Bo is just a mean dude. What he lacks in muscularity and vertical leap, he makes up for it in outright snarling grit. His desire trumps his opponents’ athleticism, and he really just doesn’t take anything off anyone.

Listen to this stern warning he gave Young Jeezy look alike and former NBA goon Kendrick Perkins during an exchange at the foul line.

Remember when some members of the Warriors complained that they didn’t want to play the Jazz in the second round of the NBA playoffs because Salt Lake City has no nightlife?

Well, Utah didn’t take too kindly to that barb, and now fans have an exclusive opportunity to mock Golden State with some custom shirts.

To be fair, if Matt Barnes, Andre Iguodala and the rest of the Golden Cheap NFL Jerseys USA State party animals are worried about where to go during their two (or more) games in Cheap Authentic MLB Jerseys Utah, they got their priorities a little twisted.

Don’t forget you’re in the middle of the playoffs, y’all.

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