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Alex Avila was fine with his dad trading him, but his mom was not

Alex Avila was traded from the Tigers to the Cubs on Monday before the nonwaiver trade deadline cutoff. Which would seem like a completely normal thing to happen before the deadline if his father weren’t the Tigers GM.

So yes, Al Avila traded his son Alex to another team. Which might be rougher for either of those two men if the Cubs weren’t currently contending in the National League while the Tigers … are not doing the same thing in the AL.

It’s one of the most painful-looking baseball plays I’ve seen in a while. Sucre put a lot of mustard on his throw from the plate, and the impact was as direct as it could’ve been. On the one hand, the ball didn’t hit his head. But on the other, it didn’t hit his helmet, either, instead crashing smack-dab into the side of his neck.

Last December, the Brewers nabbed Shaw from the Red Sox in what was considered a minor trade, and he’s been one of baseball’s breakout players since making the move.

The 27-year-old has been the Brewers’ best hitter by wRC+, with 24 homers and a .361 on-base percentage entering Saturday’s game. His emergence has been a fun one to watch, and Cheap NFL Jerseys China it’s been a big reason that the Brewers have stayed in contention in the NL Central. Here’s Cheap NFL Jerseys Paypal to hoping he feels well quickly. That looked excruciating.

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