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Trading Kanter this season could create space; Kanter has the $18.6 million player option for next summer.

I’m sure there are many league commissioners out there in similar boats, wondering what — if anything — can be done to keep their managers from mailing September baseball in from the football bleachers. Obviously, locking rosters of non-playoff teams and setting early trade deadlines is a no-brainer strategy to prevent any talent dumps and roster purges of superstars to the waiver wire (often done merely out of spite) from impacting your league’s crown.

However, save for playing only in leagues with baseball-obsessed participants or known quantities you can shame into finishing honorably, there are no guaranteed fixes to this problem. Still, here are a few potential ideas to try in the future to try and keep your league together all the way through Game 162 of the regular season, regardless of how the standings come out.

The Knicks also could move Joakim Noah, Courtney Lee and Thomas — all of whom are under contract for the next three seasons.

For what it’s worth, people who have spoken to members of the Knicks’ front office lately have come away with the impression that the club would be open to trading Lee for the right return. On the Noah front, the Knicks — under Phil Jackson — asked teams if they would take Noah in a deal in most of the conversations they had about potential Porzingis trades during the spring and summer, according to sources. So that tells you about their willingness to move Noah in trade, but people around the league see Noah’s contract as close to untradable as they get.

Waiving Noah via the stretch provision would save New York $11 Cheap NFL Jerseys USA million in cap room in 2018-19. But the Knicks also would have a $7.5 million cap hit in Cheap Baseball Jerseys Kids years three to five, when the deal would be off of their books if they let it expire. That’s not ideal.

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