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A lot of this had to do with growing up in Pittsburgh, and watching tapes of the storied Steelers franchise from the 1970s.

Witnessing Lynn Swann make that amazing catch in Super Bowl X, again and again in slow motion, I was hooked for life.

Or so I thought. As much as it pains me to say it, I’m drifting away Cheap NFL Jerseys China from football. The NFL is sapping all the joy out of it.

Today’s league leadership didn’t make football a great game. It inherited one. Football was etched into the national consciousness through the Greatest Game Ever Played, the Ice Bowl, the Perfect Season, the Immaculate Reception, the Catch, the Drive, the Hogs, the G-Men, Da Bears — I could go on.

Welcome to R.We wanted to win today’s game, but we’ve got to go out tomorrow and try to play a good game and try to finish the series tomorrow.It’s all leading up to that day when you can say you’re a professional player.Bobby Bonilla’s scheduled meeting Thursday with Senior Vice President Whitey Herzog was postponed because Bonilla’s agent, Dennis , was involved unexpectedly long trial Montgomery, Ala.

Over the offseason, the NFL, in its eternal wisdom and frivolous desire to make the game safer, decided to bring out kickoff touchbacks to the 25-yard line, figuring that kickoff returners would be more inclined to down the ball in the end zone now that they were getting five free yards for doing so. On the surface, it seemed like a reasonable idea, I guess. But the NFL didn’t see Cheap Authentic NFL Jerseys two things coming. First, kick returners, by and large, are glory boys. No matter how deep a ball sails into the end zone, returners will always want to bring it out because a 103-yard kickoff return for a touchdown is a lot more sexy than taking a knee. Devin Hester didn’t get famous by playing it safe.

Second, and this is what had Belichick licking his lips, given the speed of the kick, return team and cover team, the initial collisions on a kickoff happen at about the 15-yard line, meaning a returner has to go about 10 more yards to get to the 25. It might not sound like it, but getting from the 20 to the 25 is harder than it seems. So why not pooch a kickoff to land inside the five, take the touchback off the table and force returners to run every single time, assuming (rightly) that they’ll be tackled before the 25. That’s exactly what Belichick has done and it’s worked every single time.

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