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What Yankees’ Giancarlo Stanton really hated about the Marlins

The story says Stanton has no beef with Jeter. It also explains how excited he and other teammates were to learn Jeter was taking over the team. The report includes a breakdown of Baseball Jerseys Custom how Stanton wouldn’t let the Marlins strong-arm him into accepting a trade to the Giants or Cardinals teams Miami contacted before finally accepting the Yankees’ deal.

“This is not going to go how you guys think it will go,” Stanton said. “I’m not going to Wholesale Jerseys be forced somewhere, on a deadline, just because it’s convenient for you guys. I’ve put up with enough here. Derek, I know you don’t fully understand where I’m coming from. But (general manager) Mike (Hill) does. He’s been here. He can fill you in. This may not go exactly how I planned. But it’s definitely not going to go how you have planned.”

Given the strong market this offseason for secondary receivers, the 26-year-old should have little trouble finding a new home.

Hurns joined Jacksonville with Allen Robinson in 2014. Now both exit in the same offseason.

Martin was charged with four felony counts of making criminal threats and a single misdemeanor count of carrying a loaded firearm in public, according to court documents. Martin faces a maximum of six years in prison if convicted of each charge.

Donahue was arrested for DUI in May, and again in February.

Donahue entered rehab shortly after his February DUI arrest — but before Monday, when news of his May DUI arrest emerged.

Uberstine issued this statement about Donahue seeking treatment: “Dylan recognizes the seriousness of these issues and has voluntarily taken some important initial steps to deal with them. He is committed to this process of self improvement, appreciates people respecting his privacy as he works to get healthy, and will address this matter publicly at an appropriate time.”

The Jets drafted Donahue in Round 5 last year. Ten days later, he flipped his SUV in his hometown of Billings, Mont., and was arrested for DUI. He registered a blood-alcohol level of 0.137, well above the legal limit of 0.08, according to court records.

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